Know your rights

Every state or territory has a different legislative framework, but there are some basic rights to safe workplaces that every worker is entitled to:

  • Not to have your health and safety put at risk from work that is carried out
  • Be provided with safe systems of work
  • Have your employer monitor your health and conditions at the workplace
  • Be provided with facilities at work
  • Be provided with accomodation, if needed
  • Be consulted on work health and safety issues that affect your work
  • Refuse to perform work that you reasonable think would expose you to serious risk


  • Request a workgroup to be established - to elect a Health and Safety Representative (HSR)
  • Request that your Union represent you in negotiations for the establishment of a designated work group (DWG)
  • Be represented by your HSR
  • Have your HSR present at any interview between you and your employer or WHS Inspector
  • Seek the help of a HSR to direct that unsafe work cease
  • Change your HSR