Campaigns and Actions

Occupational health and safety is paramount to every worker.

Although there are good employers who care about their workers, it's important to know that unions are there to advocate on your behalf.

When confronted with a health or safety issue at work, you don't have to deal with it alone.

Here is a list of campaigns and actions that you can support to ensure that all workers can go to work and expect to come home safely.

Stand with Rajendra- demand action on chrysotile asbestos now

Rajendra Pevekar is a victim of the deadly global asbestos industry. His father worked in an asbestos company. As a result, both he and his mother now suffer from asbestos-related disease from secondary exposure. Rajendra will speak out on behalf of the 107,000 people who die annually from asbestos-related disease. In May, the meeting of the Rotterdam Convention will take place in Geneva and Rajendra will face representatives from countries who are blocking asbestos from being added to the list of hazardous chemicals.

Sign the Petition to Stand with Rajendra


ACTU Occupational Health and Safety Survey

Are you a HSR?
Want to contribute to policy direction and ensuring you have the power and authority to carry out your responsibility properly?
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A site that enables transport workers to discuss and compare industry rates and safe driving practices. It gives users the tools to estimate fair rates for owner drivers which hopes to lead to safer driving practices.

Keep our railway systems safer! Too many people are killed each year due to inadequate OHS practices within the industry. The answer is ensure a uniform law across every state and standards are close to that which is applied to the aviation industry. Help us send a message to our transport minister, Mr Albanese