Mining has contributed much to Australia’s wealth and culture, but has always been one of the most dangerous industries.

The origins of the industry dates back to Australia’s 1850’s gold rush, which provided employment opportunities as well as encouraged the migration from countries we had yet to see.

Occupations within the industry include drillers, miners, metal fitters, mining engineers, earth moving operators and industrial and mechanical engineers.

Over the last five years the industry has seen unprecedented employment growth of 54 per cent compared to the national rate of 13 per cent.

Today the industry employs over 179,00 people, accounting for around two per cent of the Australian workforce with over 61 per cent of jobs in regional and remote areas. In 2009-10 the industry contributed $100.2 billion or 9.1 per cent to our economy.

Ninety-nine per cent of it’s workforce are covered for workers compensation and their workers account for 2 per cent of all seriously injured workers in Australia. On average the industry sees seven employees each day requiring one or more weeks off work due to a work-related injury.

The most common issues experienced in this industry include:

  • Muscular stress
  • Falls, trips and slips
  • Being hit my moving objects
  • Vehicle and mechanical accidents

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