Agriculture and Primary Resources

The agriculture and primary resource industry is one of the oldest industries in Australia. It covers farmers, labourer, packers, shearers as well as agriculture, forestry and horticultural scientists and researchers.

It employs approximately 370,000 workers and accounts for three per cent of the Australian workforce. The industry provides significant employment opportunities for jobs in regional Australia with a majority of jobs (89 per cent) located outside capital cities.

The industry has evolved and diversified to increase Australia’s land sustainability efficiency and improve our overall food security.

Only 52 per cent of workers in this industry are eligible for any rights to workers compensation, making the other half vulnerable with no protection when injured at work.

Statistics in 2009-10 suggests that on average 11 workers in this industry are injured per day.

The most common issues experienced in this industry include:

  • Muscular stress
  • Being hit by moving objects
  • Vehicle and mechanical accidents
  • Falls, trips and slips

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