Are there legal obligations for employers to provide extra lighting??

My office doesn’t have a lot of natural light and my job involves me sitting in front of a screen for 8-9 hours a day. There doesn’t seem to be enough light and I’m always having to use eye drops because I’m straining my eyes. What can I do about it, and do I have a right to demand that they install more lights or buy me a desk lamp?

It sounds like you may possibly need a workplace OHS audit done at your desk. If you have an elected OHS rep then contacting them and outlining your issue to them will help them understand your issue better and thus they will be able to raise the issue with the employer after they’ve done an audit. Contacting your union may also assist you to raise the issue with management. If you don’t currently have a union representative at your workplace call 1300 486 466.

Nevertheless an employer does have a duty of care to their workers to maintain a reasonable and practical workspace.

There is nothing specific in our OHS legislation that specifies the requirements for lighting in a workplace but there are various guidelines that highlight the practicality of reasonable lighting.

Its best to check with your OHS rep or speak to your union.

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