Am I entitled to workers compensation?

Last week whilst on my way to lunch I tripped over a few boxes in the office lobby and broke my wrist when I tried to aid my fall with my hands. My job requires me to use my hands to type and use the mouse. Unfortunately I cannot move my arm without feeling pain. Am I entitled to workers compensation?

It’s vital that your injury is recorded and the appropriate contact in your workplace is notified of the injury.
The first visit to your doctor is very important as it will form the basis of your claim in the future. Here is a guide to help you when you’re injured at work, you have a right to

•    Visit your own doctor. You also have a right to refuse to be accompanied to the doctors by your employer, and the right to refuse to see the company doctor.
•    Take time off work to recover from your injury. Once you’ve met with your doctor they should issue you with Workcover certificate
•    Have you OHS or union rep present when you talk to your employer about your injury
•    Reimbursement of reasonable medical expenses occurred due to the injury
•    Return to meaningful work that your doctor has agreed is manageable
•    Access rehabilitation or retraining services that will help you get back to work
•    Request all the paperwork of the Workcover claim put through by your employer to ensure that the information is correct

Remember this advice is standard advice and each individual case is different. For more information please get in contact with your OHS or union representative or contact unions Australian on 1300 486 466.

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