ACTU to conduct mass participation occupational health and safety survey

The Health and Safety Representatives Survey is a mass participation on-line survey being conducted by the ACTU.  The survey is open to health and representatives that have either been appointed or elected to represent workers on health and safety matters and worker representatives on health and safety committees.

The purpose of the survey is to ask health and safety representatives about their valuable role in being a voice for Australian workers on health and safety matters at their workplace.  This is their chance to make their views and voice heard.  The survey is not a polling exercise; it seeks to gain an understanding of the issues that affect health and safety representatives in undertaking their valuable role in the workplace.

Topics covered in the survey will be:
•    Activities undertaken in role of health and safety representative
•    Management consultation
•    Training undertaken as health and safety representative
•    Occupation health and safety issues resolution.
The survey will be open for six weeks from Friday 14, September 2012 to Friday 26, October 2012.
The ACTU will publish a report based upon the results that will appear on this site when completed.  No individual results will be reported.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Health and Safety Representative Survey?
The Health and Safety Representative Survey is a survey of workers that representative other workers in their workplace on health and safety matters.  These are people that have special rights and protections under your occupational health and safety legislation.  This includes both health and safety representatives (known in various states and territories as HSR, OHS Reps, OSH Reps, ESR, etc.) and worker representatives on OHS/WHS committees.

Who is conducting the survey?
The Health and Safety Survey will be conducted by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and ACTU Branches (State and Territory Trades and Labour Councils)

When is the Health and Safety Survey to be held?
The survey will be available on the safeatwork website,, on Friday 14, September 2012 until Friday 26, October 2012.

Can only union members complete the survey?
The survey is open to all workers that represent other workers at their workplace on health and safety matters.  This includes HSR, OSH Reps, ESR, etc or those that represent workers on OHS/WHS committees.

How long will the survey take to complete?
The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Most questions are multiple-choice. 

What will happen to the results?
The ACTU intends to release a report based on the results of the survey.  No individual results will be reported.
The survey will provide important information about the role of the health and safety representatives that will help inform the union movements lobbying and campaigning efforts.

What if I do not have access to a computer?
If you wish to complete the survey but do not have access to the internet you can ring the ACTU Call Centre on 1300 362 223.

Is the survey available in languages other than English?
No.  However, there are limited translation services available through the ACTU Call Centre.  Call 1300 362 223 for further information.

To take the survey click here