Mariel C*, Retail Assistant

I had been working in retail for over 40 years when the accident happened.
We were doing stocktake on the store floor when I suddenly heard a scream. I turned my head then felt something fall onto me. It knocked me stupid and put me in a daze. I explained to my doctor that it was like I was a turtle and my head had retracted into my body.
I later discovered that a 10kg boxed gazebo had fallen on my head.
Throughout my working life I’d always been a member of the union but have never really had much contact.
I spoke to my workplace rep who gave me an outline of what my rights were and proceeded to put me in contact with experts in this area.
My union together with their legal experts really made me feel like they were there for me and prepared to fight for my right.

*names have been changed to protect the privacy of the worker