Case studies

While workers should expect to carry out their work in a safe and healthy environment, we know with the number of workplace accidents this isn’t always the case.

Listed below are stories of everyday workers who have unfortunately experienced an injury at work. Through a collective effort and the help of their OHS or union representative they have been able to overcome personal and legal obstacles to return to ordinary life.

If you have a personal story to share with us, we’d love to hear from you.

I had been working in retail for over 40 years when the accident happened.
We were doing stocktake on the store floor when I suddenly heard a scream. I turned my head then felt something fall onto me. It knocked me stupid and put me in a daze... read more

I drove trucks for over 40 years before I got injured.
I started doing local deliveries before I got into drive large trucks interstate.
One day I hurt my right arm and shoulder trying to undo a jammed ring feeder on the back of a truck.... read more

Did you know Asbestos was made a prohibited substance in Australia in 2003?

Yet 10+ years on Asbestos is still imported with impunity into Australia.

Tell your Asbestos story here... read more